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Soon, body, soon.

You know what really skeeves me out?

Look at the angles that this video was taken from. Look at how each shot was framed. What is the focal point of each gif here?

-> It’s the woman’s ass.

This woman is doing some fairly intense exercises. She’s working hard and is pretty strong for her size. Yet the only point where we see her face is in a mirror’s reflection. Her identity is taken away and we’re instead treated to a very clear and defined view of her backside. Every single shot is framed in a way that highlights her ass and draws attention to it - Her actions are thereby turned into softcore porn.

That’s all this is, an excuse to stare at a woman’s body and make her actions sexual without being explicit.

You would never see a man’s workout framed in this manner. You’d never see him in tight pants with his ass so perfectly lighted in each shot. Just imagine watching a video of a guy in yoga pants doing leg lifts. Ridiculous, right? Imagining that sort of role reversal shows you that it isn’t the exercises that are being highlighted here and treated as something worth watching, but instead it’s the woman’s body. 

I don’t believe that it would be a legitimate argument to say that her body should be highlighted due to its strength and ability, or that the highlight is a method of bringing attention to the exercises. In the shot of her doing push-ups, we can barely even see her arms or shoulders! They’re pushed into the shadows. If the person creating this video wanted to focus upon her muscles, wouldn’t they actually show her engaged muscles?

This is objectification and sexualization in the name of health, all for the consumption of straight men. This side of #fitblr is something that I will never agree with. 

Im pretty sure this is Jen Selter. And all of her photos(posts) usually do focus on her own ass. These angles aren’t objectifing her, they’re the same angles she posts on her OWN blog.

I love when people overreact like that on posts. Calm down bro

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Piggy Gets Warm Bath [video]

I want a micropig so bad. I don’t know why but they’re so adorable.

lord i thought they was fixin to boil it.

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